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Gifts from Molly
When our cat Molly was still small, she proudly brought her newly caught prey into the house and flattened it down at our feet as if it were the most beautiful gift in the world. These days she devours her preys. No more gifts. (pen and watercolor drawings, 12 – 19 cm)




Jana and Diva pen en aquarel, 1.10 – 0.85 m



Babylon washed ink, 1.00 0.90 m


Babylon is a collage of drawings of news programs broadcast from countries around the world. Shocking to see how the news from every corner of the world is brought in exactly the same way in terms of design and content.




Dorst wasbaar conté, 1.10 – 80 m


With this drawing I won the Groene Hart Art Prize for professionals.




Lois conté and ecoline, 0.40 – 0.50 m


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