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Ulysses now

Ulysses Now

An empty beach. A man lies on the tide, soaked to the bone. Did the sea throw him on the beach? The man hears a woman’s voice in his head. The voice speaks to him, whispers to him, shouts, sings. The voice tries to seduce him. Who is that man?

Wants to tell Me oh Muse, of the wanderer, the resourceful one who kept wandering ….

This is how Homer starts his Odyssea. In the show Ulysses Now, Marian Smit wants to create a modern Odysseus. Not fighting like his predecessor in wars and against the Gods, but against himself, against voices from his past, his own decisions and its consequences.

Ulysses now is a multidisciplinary show in which video images, music and texts from world literature paint a picture of a modern Ulysses.

concept and direction: Marian Smit
music: Ghasem Batamuntu
vocals: Angèle de Jong
video: Machteld Blom, Marian Smit
technique: Frits Erkens