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The tears of Eros


The tears of Eros  focuses on the middle part of gallery Maldoror (located in a former printing company in the city center of The Hague), a square of 6 by 6 meters on the ground floor, around which one can walk and which is bordered on the first floor by a gallery.
Video images are projected from the roof of the gallery onto the floor area of ​​the square. Two bodies can be seen, filmed from very close by. Their interplay has an erotic charge, tender and aggressive, lusty and desperate.
On the first floor on the walls hang large sheets of rubber latex with texts. They are about love, eroticism, violence and death. For each text sheet stands a bucket filled with a red liquid. Transparent hoses run from the buckets to the ground floor. Very slowly the liquid drips from the buckets, through the hoses over the video image.