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The kiss


The kiss is a video made for “Die letzte Butterfahrt”, a German-Dutch multimedia project, in which the private world of experience is connected to the social and historical lifelines of the Lower Rhine.
Just as in the late 1950s, visitors from Germany are transported by bus across the border to Venlo. This time not with the intention of buying cheap coffee, cigarettes and butter. In contrast, visitors to an exhibition space await a wonderful world with butter as the central theme. Butter is initially presented as a surprising visual material. Shapes seem fixed, but on closer inspection they can be changed and shaped. In addition, visitors’ own memories of Butterfahrten can be exchanged here for a butter postcard and visual artists, actors and musicians let visitors experience that butter is more than just sandwich filling. For the background of the collective memory, memories will melt in this way with unusual new images and impressions.