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De profundis

De profundis  is a collaboration between Quub  (sculptor) and Marian Smit (painter and video artist).

In the relentless search for minerals beckons a virgin territory: the deep sea. But while the first parties seriously focus on mining, the resistance grows. Because it becomes more and more evident how important this vulnerable ecosystem is for the preservation of life on earth and because the ocean floor is one of the last wildernesses of the earth. Besides, who does the deep sea actually belong to?

With the skeleton of a sponge animal (the pioneers for the rest of the animal kingdom) as a starting point Quub made a sculpture.

The deep sea as a source of life, this enormous dark space reminiscent of the collective consciousness and the ‘primordial’ form of Quub’s work evoked the image of a baby with Marian. In the video she tries to visualize the feeling she has that babies know the essence of existence. A knowledge we seem to lose during our lives. For Quub, the baby embodies future generations who will also live on our earth. The projection creates a shadow that also fits beautifully in terms of content: our way of life casts a shadow ahead.

Both Quub and Marian are convinced that we, as individuals and as humanity, have to reconnect to our base, to nature.


De profundis in Beelden in Gees